Why donate to Valley Community Development?

  • We provide quality affordable rental housing to our neighbors.
  • We provide technical assistance to small businesses to help them thrive.
  • We assist our neighbors who want to be homeowners or who are current homeowners to make smart decisions.

The impact of COVID has only increased the urgency of assisting with the needs of local homeless residents, helping our residents and homeowners with foreclosure and eviction prevention, and assisting small businesses as we rebuild local economies.

Valley relies on you and the broader community to help us improve the quality of life primarily for the residents of Northampton, Easthampton, Amherst, and Hadley.  Our charter is expanding to include additional projects in Hampshire and Franklin county as well.

As a community-based organization, we rely on people with a stake in our towns, either as residents, business owners, or employees, to help determine, support, and sustain our efforts.


Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC)

The CITC provides a 50% refundable state tax credit for donations to qualified CDCs like Valley Community Development. It’s designed to leverage private contributions in order to support a broad array of community development efforts like affordable housing, homeownership services and small business services which help local communities thrive.

It reduces a donor’s tax liability, and if a donor does not have sufficient tax liability, the credit is refundable, whereby the Commonwealth will issue a check for the balance of the credit to the donor. The minimum donation each year is $1,000. A minimum $85 monthly donation will allow you to take the state credit. Your CITC donation will be leveraged to strengthen our programs and produce a greater impact in our local community.

You can read more about the CITC here, Valley Community Development’s three-year Community Investment Plan (CIP) here.


Considerable Tax Savings
Individuals, Corporations, and Foundations can take advantage of tax credit
Excess tax credit is refundable

For more information about CITC, contact Jane Loechler at or call (413) 586-5855 ext 190.

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