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Disclosure Statement-Acknowledgement

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 Valley Community Development’s Sustainable Homeownership Center provides a variety of services. We provide first-time homebuyer readiness counseling including financial literacy, budgeting, foreclosure prevention services, first-time homebuyer workshops, and post-purchase workshops. We provide technical assistance to help access down payment assistance when available.  Additionally, we market affordable housing units available for sale to income-eligible first-time buyers.    


Valley Community Development will follow strict rules to protect your confidentiality.  The personal data collected below including name, street address, email address, and any other personally identifiable information is protected by the Privacy Act. You will never be named in any reports.  Your responses may be looked at individually by the funding source, or contractors hired by the funding source to collect and analyze data, your name or street address will not be reported.  Income, city, state, zip code, family size, and other demographic data will be reported.  Contractors of HUD/DHCD or any City/State agency are covered by the same Privacy Act requirements to protect your privacy and staff must demonstrate that they have systems in place to protect against data disclosure.


Funding Sources Include

  • Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development  (DHCD)
  • Citizens Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA)
  • Mass Housing Partnership Fund Board  (MHP)
  • City of Northampton
  • Town of Amherst – Amherst Community Land Trust
  • MA Division of Banks (DOB)
  • Florence Bank
  • bankESB
  • PeoplesBank
  • Town of Pelham
  • Greenfield Cooperative Bank
  • Greenfield Savings Bank
  • Country Bank
  • Berkshire Bank
  • Private donors through annual fundraising efforts and Community Investment Tax Credits (CITC)

Valley Community Development’s workshop/webinar participants are not required to utilize other programs provided by Valley to receive counseling of any type. Counseling services are free of charge and there are no income restrictions for homeownership or foreclosure prevention counseling to Hampshire County Residents; however, it is our goal to serve households at or below 80% of area median income, people of color, and minority households who may be underserved in our community.  You are under no obligation to utilize any of Valley CDC’s services or programs or to purchase or rent property owned by Valley CDC in order to receive counseling services. You are under no obligation to utilize the services provided by any of Valley’s funding sources or by any of our business partners. 

A list of funding sources is included in each participant's workshop materials. Valley provides written and verbal disclosures at the beginning of each class and encourages participants to shop around.

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We take your privacy seriously and maintain strict confidentiality. Providing the following information is optional but it is needed for reporting and statistical purposes. 

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