Northampton Emergency Small Business Grant Program

The City of Northampton and Valley Community Development are proud to announce the Northampton Emergency Small Business Grant Program.

The purpose of these grants is to provide funds to low and moderate income businesses to assist them in remaining open, as well as stimulating and pivoting their businesses during this time of COVID-19 and in the future.

Valley Community Development will administer the program by accepting applications, determining eligibility, reviewing documentation and determination of recipients. The City of Northampton will allocate the funds, execute the grant agreement, and follow up with each business.

Please review the eligibility restrictions carefully, as these funds are limited and our process will become overburdened if non-eligible small businesses apply.

Note that the funds are available on a first come, first eligible, first complete application basis, subject to availability of funding.  

The application process will open on Wednesday, April 15th at 9:00 am. Applications are not ready yet, but will be available through a website link on this site.

Before that date, we suggest you review the eligibility requirements and prepare your business plan and/or business concept so you will be able to submit your application as close as possible to the submission date.

Thank you for your interest and please be patient with this process. Please like our FaceBook page and sign up for our email newsletter to keep updated.


This grant has specific eligibility requirements.

  • The business must be located in the City of Northampton.
  • The business must have been operating for at least one year, as of March 1, 2020.
  • The business must employ 10 or fewer people including the owner, part-time and full-time employees on the business payroll at the time of the application.
  • The business must be a for-profit business operating within the City of Northampton. Non-profit entities are not eligible.
  • Businesses must submit a business plan or business concept plan and demonstrate their ability to pivot their business.
  • The business owner(s) must be low/moderate income or at least 51% of their employees must be employed in low/moderate income positions. Income is to be calculated/projected for the period January 1, 2020-December 31, 2020.

Maximum household income levels by household size:

  • 1 Person – $49,700
  • 2 Person – $56,800
  • 3 Person – $63,900
  • 4 Person – $70,950
  • 5 Person – $76,650
  • 6 Person – $82,350
  • 7 Person – $88,000
  • 8 Person – $93,700


Because the purpose of the grant is to assist businesses in remaining open, as well as stimulating and pivoting their businesses during this time of COVID-19, these are the allowable uses:

  • Machinery
  • Inventory, Materials or Supplies
  • Equipment
  • Consulting Services

NON-ALLOWABLE USES (not exhaustive)

  • Working capital
  • Rent/mortgage
  • Utilities
  • Salaries
  • Vehicle purchase/lease
  • Paying tax liens
  • Paying outstanding debt


  • Total amount the City of Northampton is expected to release is approximately $150,000 for this program
  • Maximum grant amount is $10,000
  • City expects to distribute between 20-25 grants with an average grant of $5,000
  • The grant will require repayment only if the terms of grant agreement are not met. Terms of the grant include documentation of the product or service that was purchased with the funds and usage of the grant within a specific amount of time, less than two months from the time of acceptance.
  • Applications to be accepted and reviewed on a first come, first eligible, first completed basis, subject to availability of funding
  • Once Valley approves the business, the City will handle grant agreement, disbursal of funds and follow up with businesses

Small Business Development Program

Valley Community Development’s Small Business Development Program provides a range of free services to meet the needs of low and moderate income individuals engaged in start-up and existing small businesses. Our program is designed to assist you in all aspects of owning your own business. It is customized to your needs and your current stage of business. We want to be sure that you have access to everything you need to thrive and that can include: professional networks, creating your team of people, and accessing both the capital and customers you need to grow.

We offer one-on-one business assistance, from access to capital to sales and marketing, from record keeping to staffing, everything you need for your business to thrive. We also offer educational workshops to keep you ahead of the business curve. These workshops will keep you informed and will create a network of small business owners who are your peers.

Please contact Dee Dice, Small Business Coordinator, if  you are interested in discussing your small business idea. Include a brief description of your situation and goals.

Our program offers proactive support for all stages of entrepreneurs

Educational Workshops

Educational Workshops

We offer educational workshops essential for both business and professional growth. It’s important to keep informed and to create a network of small business owners who are your peers.

All our workshops are at no cost. We do have limited seating so it is important to register ahead of time.  Keep up to date with these by joining our newsletter and checking our website workshop page.

One-to-One Business Assistance

One-to-One Business Assistance

We offer targeted one-to-one technical assistance to enable you to increase revenues and profits by helping implement more effective marketing campaigns, to operate more efficiently, and to better manage finances. A different marketing strategy, a new product, a good hard look at your financials in order to make some business decisions? – We do all of that and more.

Starting A Small Business

Starting A Small Business

It’s exciting to be your own boss, but do you REALLY know what that means?

Maybe you have a new idea, a side hustle that you want to expand, or a passion for being your own boss – then we are here for you. For someone at these initial stages, we offer a monthly information session entitled Basics of Starting a Small Business. You’ll get a realistic idea of what it is like to start a small business from a professional who has first-hand experience.

Our Community

Small business is the heart and soul of America’s economy. They can be a conduit to creating a strong community and increasing the economic viability of our region.  Our goals are to create and retain local jobs; secure new or increased financing for local business growth; and help achieve business stability and viability, with the ultimate goal of increasing the income of households as well as the economic vitality of the communities we serve and the larger region. We believe that collaborative partners help to strengthen our community.

Valley Community Development partners with several other local organizations including Franklin County Community Development, Hilltown Community Development Corporation, Massachusetts Small Business Development Center, Common Capital, and the Northampton Chamber of Commerce to offer year-round workshops that help you run your businesses smarter, faster and more efficiently.

These workshops – many of which are free to attend – provide the expertise, tools and networks you need to take your business to the next level. Be sure to look at their websites for current listings.

We feel that collaboration is crucial in today’s economy and business world. We’ve partnered with many organizations and are continually seeking collaborative strategic partners to help small businesses grow and thrive.

Join us and these partners:

No matter what stage of business you are, we can explore the ways in which your business can be created, grow and thrive. Our successful track record has supported over 1600 local businesses. We have helped launch new businesses which have created jobs, all to the benefit of our local economy.

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Our services are generously supported by MGCC, the City of Northampton, Capital One, Florence Bank, and TD Bank.